Life Assurance and Mortgage Protection

In the event of your death, if you do not have sufficient capital to repay your mortgage and any other loans, and want to ensure that your dependants are protected, life assurance is a simple and cost effective way of providing your family with the financial security they need.

Income Protection

If you are unable to work for long periods due to sickness or disability, Income Protection provides a regular income payable until you are able to return to work.

Long-term Care

Provision for long-term care planning is as much about personal choice as it is financial planning. For example, if you can no longer attend to your daily needs, or those of your partner, you may prefer to adapt your home and employ care specialists – or opt for residential care. There is a wide range of flexible options for covering long-term care costs, whichever route you choose. In addition, there are specialists available to help with the practicalities of such assistance and locate relevant resources.

Critical Illness Cover

If you have a serious illness or condition – such as cancer or a stroke – the effects can be devastating. Certainly, it will prompt a re-evaluation of your lifestyle and priorities. Critical illness cover provides a capital sum on diagnosis, giving you the breathing space and financial resources to make decisions for the future.

Private Medical Insurance

If the NHS is unable to deal with a medical condition in a timely manner, private medical insurance acts as a safety net to ensure that you receive treatment quickly and efficiently. There are various levels of cover to suit all budgets and personal preferences.

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