Executive Pensions

Executive pensions are a tax efficient way of rewarding senior executives and, for business owners, extract value from the company. Despite the scope for pension contributions having been curtailed by successive governments, these remain an effective method of building up retirement provision independently of a business.

Employee Benefits

Many employers provide a comprehensive package of benefits to recruit and retain quality employees. Such benefits can include:

  • Pension scheme
  • Income protection
  • Life assurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Sickness and accident cover
  • Private medical insurance
  • Ancilliary benefits (eg nursery vouchers or gym membership)
  • Flexible benefits

Depending on the complexity of the benefits package you wish to provide, a specialist employee benefits adviser can add value by managing the benefits programme and provide employee counselling.

Small Self-administered Pension Schemes (SSASs)

A SSAS is effectively an executive pension that gives you wider investment powers and the ability to loan part of the money back to the company to fund business expansion. Many business owners utilise a SSAS for this purpose, as well as to purchase commercial property for business occupation.

Workplace Pensions

By 2018, it will be a requirement for employers to provide access to a pension scheme for all qualifying employees. A specialist employee benefits adviser can offer guidance on the implementation and ongoing management of such a scheme.

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